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   POWDERMIX – SYRMOS S.A.i.c. Industry was founded in 2007. It was the result from the market’s demand for quality raw materials in Rotational Molding, available to the Greek market, but also to the Southeastern Europe.

   Mr. Dimitrios Syrmos involvement to Polymers raw materials and especially rotational molding resins starts from 1973. He has cooperated with famous international companies, as DuPont Canada Ltd, Nova Chemicals, Wedtech-Ingenia, Borealis, Total, Exxon-Mobil and Polimeri Europa. ROTOSAL S.A. is the leading Rotational Molding Industry in S.E. Europe.

   Knowledge, experience and professionalism, obtained all these years, had the result of creating SYRMOS S.A.i.c. - POWDERMIX Polymers Industrial Company.

   Our products are Linear Polyethylene (LMDPE) in powder, suitable for the Rotational Molding Industry. Commercial activity consists of importing and disposal of polymers, special additives and colors.

   Important advantage of our Company is the possibility to offer:

Ø      Raw materials (LMDPE powder)

Ø      Technical advisors in Rotational Molding Industry

Ø      Consultants in Rotational Molding plants & production lines


POWDERMIX SYRMOS S.A.i.c. is your reliable partner in Rotational Molding